• Mehdi Abbasi
    Mehdi Abbasi
    As a newcomer to Vancouver, I had a feeling not able to buy any property in a Vancouver market. This feeling and thought went away up to the time I met Mehran firstly. He is not only a professional and knowledgeable advisor but his perseverance, professional attitude, responsibility and dedication lead to good results. Per my experience, he is a valuable source for those who have plans to buy their dreamy property.
  • Arastoo Mahmoudi
    Arastoo Mahmoudi
    I recently referred a client to Mehran and got to see how he takes care of his client first hand. He cares a lot about his clients and is always looking after their specific goals and budget. He truly believes in the necessity of financial planning prior for a stressless purchase of a home, which is definitely appreciated by my team.
  • Marya Sal
    Marya Sal
    Mehran Salari is a very professional real estate agent who listened to my specific wants and needs. I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with Mehran .I would need many more than 140 characters to explain how awesome Mehran was throughout the entire apartment purchase process. From the work he did prior to the exploratory trip, great communication during the search, timely on-going communication, and then most importantly through the closing process. Mehran treat you like family, and work as hard as he can for you. I’ll never use another realtor and neither should you. His greatest attribute, “he listens” and then asks thought provoking questions which insures you get what you really want.

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